January Fit Club

Hello Everyone,

So it’s the new year, and like most people we are trying the ” New year, New me” motto, usually, when it comes to fitness. I know I definitely am trying to get a bit fitter (*as she sits and writes this eating chocolate). Although some times it’s so hard, its not as if at 12 o’clock on new years days something switches on in your head and all of a sudden you’ll be the first person in the gym every morning. But it’s also good to see it as a new chapter or a new start to make small changes which is how I’m looking at it. Small things such as taking a walk every day or just having one bit of chocolate a day rather than after every meal, can defo make changes to your health and your mood. But one thing that always gets me motivated to do some form of exercise is new gym gear. On Saturday as many of you seen I put up that I got new nike bottoms for Christmas and you all went mad for them. But I got loads of questions about us tiny ladies about getting gym bottoms to fit our wee legs so in this post I’m going to show you some of the best petite gym leggings that are out there and also some non petite but I’m going to show you my tips on how I wear them so they fit us properly.




Above are all from Asos and if you click the LINK it will take you straight to the website. The annoying thing was this was really all I could find for affordable petite leggings online. But at least they are black which means you can wear them with loads and team colours with them and the green pair allow you to have a wee pop of fun in your gym wardrobe if you want.

Next up we have some that I love but are just to long on me so below I have also shown you a little tip on how I wear them.


I love the colour on these, to be honest I am more of a black kinda gal when it comes to exercise bottoms but just in case you like colour I popped them in this post.


These are infamous nike leggings I had on on Saturday that you all went crazy for. I can 100% say I love them they are so comfy and stretchy, almost like a second skin. I have attached the link if you would like to purchase them as I got so many of you asking me. The waist band is brilliant for keeping them up and they are not see through which is what we want.


These are another pair of Nike bottoms however these are high waisted. I love a high waisted gym legging as I almost find them more comfortable tucked up over your tummy as it almost gives you more security. They are also so stylish for the gym or if your brave enough to wear a crop top with them.


Now onto some high street brands that do exercise clothing. I love these ones from Pretty Little Thing, they have got everything you need for a quarter of the price of branded ones.


Cropped leggings are great for us petite girls because although they hit the knee on regular people but for us they hit our mid leg without looking odd. Winning!

Above is a wee tip on how I fit none petite leggings to my wee legs. Its so simple, basically instead of turning the hem out I turn it in. This means there is no bulk at the bottom of your leg. To the naked eye you would not even notice they are tunred up.

Just a little side note. My sister and I live in black long sleeve exercise tops. They are so good if your out in the winter for a walk or run or even them days when you are just running errands in your gym gear they are great. We usually get ours from Primark but as they don’t have an online store I found this one which is just as cheap and cheerful.


So there you have it some gym inspo to get you going this January. I hope you enjoyed it.

Lots of love

Ro x

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