My little Look

For this post I am going to discuss my style and how I dress for my petite frame. I mean why havnt I done this post before now? Who knows but here it is 🙃

I find it hard to describe my you know when your in an interview and the interviewer asks you to talk about yourself and all of a sudden your speechless? …. yep that’s me!! But if I had to describe my style I would say it’s quite simplistic. I don’t like fuss and love a silhouette. One of my biggest rules is if I’m wearing something over sized on one half of my body then the other half has to be fitted. Or if it’s baggy all over, it has to be nipped in at my waist to give me that desired silhouette. I’m not a fan of lots of fabric on my body and I tend to feel a little clostphobic when I do however I admire those girls that can carry off that really baggy/shapeless street style look without looking like the Michelin Man or can layer prints and textures to create a really cool quirky look. However personally I feel because I am petite I can’t carry off them looks as well as maybe a taller person could, so instead I pick elements out of these looks and implement it to suit my shape. I feel as a petite person there is a very thin line between something looking oversized and something just looking massive on you.

When it comes to trends, I wouldn’t necessarily say I follow one look or style, it changes from day to day. Alot of the time I love nothing more than chilling in my skinnies and sweatshirt combo or my faves…my sports gear (because I’m always at the gym….not!!) But my causal style is generally quite sporty I love teaming things with trainers or a cool little logo tee. I would also say my style isn’t very girlie, usually if I’m wearing something floaty and frilly I have it teamed with ripped jeans or something, just to give it that little edge.

Going out? I love a trouser….I’m sure you could have guessed! I just love how comfy and stylish trousers have become. I do occasionally wear a dress but my preferred preference are always trousers. They are always my go-to even for occasions. I do find it is so hard to find cool trousers on the petite market but usually my go-to’s are either ASOS and Topshop.

My love of black….as you all know from my instagram I love wearing black. I just find black is so easy to wear and it suits my colouring. I know that sounds silly but some people don’t suit black because it is to harsh against their skin, however to my delight I’m one of the lucky ones that suit dark colours. I guess I also love wearing black because its so versatile , most things go with black, so for me that means I’ll get more wear out of my clothes. Generally if I love a garment and it is available in black I will buy it in that colour. I swear my New Years resolution was to wear more colour… maybe next year.

So that was a little round up of my style. I promise this will be the kind of thing I will be blogging about a lot more. And as always if there is anything you want me to blog about, just drop me a little message.

Ro x

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