Back to Basics..

Hi everyone,

Long time no chat!

I have totally been in hiding since before the new year with my blog. But I’m finally back! Before the New year, I promised myself that 2018 would be the year of So Ro. I wanted to improve my Blog, improve my instagram, just be on the ball with it all. But since the New Year I had never felt so unmotivated with the blog. With so many other amazing opportunities happening in work etc my blog had just fallen by the wayside and I was starting to feel a little stuck. I wanted it to be how I wanted it to be rather than how I think it should have been. However after spending two weeks in London, I started to feel inspired again and slowly but surely SoRo was finding her Mojo. As I said in a recent Instagram post about London, I just felt so inspired in that city. Every street you walked down there was another cool little cafe or another amazing graffiti masterpiece, I just loved everything about it. But the one thing I loved the most was that you could totally be yourself and no-one judged. I could have wore a bin bag, had bright pink hair and wore purple wellies on my feet and no-one would have taken a second look at me. The city just oozed confidence and individuality. Which brought me back to my blog, I think I have been trying to keep up with the blogging world on Instagram so much that I forgot what I was actually doing it for. I also felt like people would judge me for doing it or thought “she loves herself” or “look how posy she is in her photos” which is sometimes that stopped me from posting or blogging. But in reality I’m not doing for them, I’m doing it for me. So I think for me it’s about finding my inner London gal and just doing what I want to do.

When it comes to my blog posts, I think up to this point I have jumped from subject to subject on my blog and there has actually been very little about the petite girl, which I imagine is why you all follow me. Don’t get me wrong I will still be doing my travel blogs etc but I’m going to try and focus a lot more on my favourite topic…the petite fashion industry. I know I would love to be able to write a blog post a week but I know for a fact that this won’t happen. I mean with trying to balance two jobs, playing football, go to the gym and socialising with the girls (cocktails are defo a high priority on my list) I would be lying if I said I would write a post a week so I’m not going to put myself under that pressure. My blog is my favourite hobby so this is a strictly no stress zone….good vibes only!!!

Talk soon

Ro x

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