Travelling in Style..

So for 10 days, my mummy, my sister and myself traveled to Las Vegas and New York. This has always been a trip we have wanted to do, so in February we finally took the plunge and booked it. So you can imagine after 9 months I thought this trip was never going to come around. Throughout them 9 months, only one question had been racing through my mind “what am I going to wear?” Of course, since we booked it for November I automatically thought I was going to be wearing winter clothes the whole time, but how wrong was I! I had been weather watching like a hawk months before I went and Vegas to my surprise was roasting in November. Not that I was complaining however during the summer I had bought no clothes for holidays! Do you realise how hard it is to find a petite swimsuit in November? Thank god for online shopping and transitional pieces. On the other hand New York was warm one day and freezing the next according to my weather app. I really found it hard packing for two climates, I mean what do you wear? Will the weather change when I’m there? So I thought I would talk you all through how I packed for my trip. Disclaimer I’m not saying this is the ultimate guide to packing for a shopping holiday but it is just how I done it. I follow alot of bloggers but struggled to find any blog posts that pin point what to pack for a shopping holiday, or even what to pack when going to each individual cities. So if you want to find out more, keep reading.

My style diary:

Airport outfit: We had two flights to catch and as much as I love that airport outfit pic, comfy clothes were my only option for those long haul flights. Believe me exercise leggings are the best when travelling.

Day one: The weather was so warm so I opted for shorts, a string top and my Vans (which are so comfy if your walking all day). Light clothes are essential when it’s warm especially when you are doing a lot of walking, which we did in Vegas.

Night one: We were out all day and went back to the hotel for a quick change as we were heading down to Old Town Vegas where Freemont street is. We wanted to experience the famous Zipline there (which I later chickened out off) so heels were never going to be an option. I wore a sweatshirt I bought in Penny’s in Swords Pallivions before we left for America, my trousers were from Zara and my Vans. As warm it is during the day, it gets quite cold at night so sweatshirts are a great option for the evening and travelling in.

Day two: I wore this ASOS Petite jumpsuit, it was a light denim fabric and so comfortable to shop in. I loved it! I just teamed it with white canvas trainers from Boohoo. I loved this because if we had have stayed out all night and not went back to the hotel, then this would have been the perfect transitional piece.

Dinner at the Bellagio: Las Vegas’s is very casual but because it was our only night out we decided to get glammed up for dinner and the show. I wore a lace bodysuit and pleated culotte trousers from New Look. The Ballegio is very fancy so we didn’t stand out. Plus if your on your holidays get glammed up if you want. That’s my motto! For some people it’s the only break they get or in my case I wear a uniform every day so if I want to get glammed up, I will!

Day three: Our last day in Vegas and we had still loads left to see. As I mentioned in my Vegas post, Vegas is warm during the day but a comfortable warm, you were never to hot or never to cold so I thought these light weight culottes from Primark would be a great option. It meant that if it had of been colder while we were there I could have teamed them with a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. My top is a scoop back bodysuit from Primark also and of course my trusty Vans. I also thought if New York had of been mild enough I might have got to wear them there too but it was way to cold.

Day four: A day spent travelling from one amazing city to another, and there was only one option for me, sports legging. With an 8 hour flight ahead the last thing I could think off was dressing up. I wore my petite sports leggings from New Look, a simple tee also from New Look, my APL trainers (so comfy btw) and my light puffa jacket from Pull and Bear. I had to remember that when I got off the plane in New York it was going to freezing, miles away from the warm weather of Vegas so I wanted to wear something that I could layer up or down so this was perfect.

Day Five: I swear these outfits are different! Our first day in New York and lots of sight seeing was planned. As I thought, New York was definitely cold so loads of layers were required. As I said loads of sightseeing was planned so that meant a lot of walking. I wore a thermal top from Marks and Spencer’s, thermal leggings from Primark, a really thick woolly hoody and scarf also from Primark and my Pull and Bear jacket. Firstly let me talk about my puffa jacket. These jackets are the best, they are so lightweight but so insulated that they keep you warm. And literally fold up into a ball so perfect for packing. Thermals are also an essential for colder climates, you would imagine they would be bulky but they are so light and thin, that it’s amazing how they keep you so warm. It means you don’t have to add layer upon layer to the point it becomes uncomfortable and when your on your feet all day, thats the last thing you want to be.

Day Six: This was the day we went to Woodbury Commons Outlet and…..I didn’t get an outfit pic. So I’ll just put a nice scenic pic up instead. I was obviously to busy buying new outfits. My outfit this day was similar to the day before because I knew I would be walking loads in the outlet as it was so big, plus I love being comfortable when shopping especially when you plan to try loads on. So I wore, sports leggings from Primark, a thermal top from Marks and Spencer, an Adidas top from JD Sports and my Pull and Bear jacket again. I wish I could always shop like this.

Day Seven: Today we had more sights to see but we had also got tickets for School of Rock on Broadway that night, so we wanted to be comfortable yet dressy for the day. As I had packed day and night outfits for both cities I did have a lot of dressy clothes, but when you are in cities like New York, you tend to just wear out what you were wearing that day, not all the time but it saves walking back to the hotel and having to get changed especially if it isn’t close. Again anything goes in that city so it is just easier sometimes to ‘stay out once your out’. I was then able to adapt my dressy clothes into my day outfits which was good. Today I wore my little fur bomber jacket from Zara, a grey polo neck from New Look with a strap topped thermal underneath it from Marks and Spencer, my black jeans from Riverisland Petite and of course my Vans. Today was also the first day I took my new Marc Jacobs bag out for a spin. This was a purchase in Vegas and I am just in love. I love a pop of red with a plain outfit.

Day eight: Our last day, and we wanted to visit Central Park, this wasn’t going to be as intense of a walking day as the others had been so I wanted to get a little dressed up again. I hoked out my evening outfits, and adapting them to daywear, I wore my leather trousers from New Look petite, a black polo neck, my black and white fur collared coat from Miss Selfridge and you guessed it, my Vans. I brought one coat that I could throw on and a dressier coat for night. I didn’t need it for night but it was good for dressing up my day outfits.

So to summarise my top tips for heading away for two different climates and different cities are:

1. Layer up.

It’s easy to layer up when your cold or peel off when your warm, so light clothes are your best options. You will never get too bulky or uncomfortable. Also Thermal clothing is your best friend in colder climates. When I went skiing in January, I wore a thermal top under my ski jacket and I was sweet.

2. Keep checking the weather

As I said before I had been checking the weather constantly the last few weeks, just so I knew I was packing appropriately.

3.Sports leggings will be your best friend

For travelling I wore sports leggings, to shop in, I wore Sports Leggings, and to chill in?… Sports Leggings! To be fair I live in sports leggings anyway and I would class them as my “comfies” so they were a very obvious choice for me when I had a full day of sightseeing planned and want to be comfortable. So definitely pack clothes that you are comfortable in.

4.Trainers all day long.

All I had heard was people telling me “you’ll be wearing trainers the whole time” and that is exactly what I done. I had brought other footwear too just in case, but they never seen the light of day. You walk the legs off yourself, so in my opinion wear trainers. I mean what funky street style outfit doesn’t suit trainers?

5.Smart packing

We travelled with American Airlines, and they allow your luggage case, a small cabin sized case for hand luggage and a small personal bag…. happy days! So basically what I done was packed all my shoes and my day clothes into my hand luggage. *Roll your clothes and you can pack more in.* Also its good to have a little change of clothes in your hand luggage in case the airport lose your case (believe me it happens!) And then in my main suitcase I had all my night time clothes in it and toiletries. It meant I had still loads of room in my luggage case for all the shopping I had planned.

6. Don’t panic about outfit packing

Ok! This is ironic because I done nothing but panic up until the last few weeks but I eventually caught myself on. Really and truly I knew I would be buying loads out there and if you are anything like me as soon as you buy something you will just want to wear it. So I knew I wouldn’t be short on clothes. I had planned a couple of evening outfits but if I was going again I would focus more on my day time outfits and not worry about night time outfits, because you really don’t need that many especially in New York.

And that’s the end of my holiday series on America, I hope you all enjoyed it and hopefully there will be more trips for 2018.

Thanks for reading.

Ro x

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