Hair Flair

Hey everyone

So I’m just back from getting a long overdue hair colour and trim from my hair queen Sinead (Blondie). I go to Blondie’s hair salon in Hilltown Co.Down and have been ever since I started to get my hair dyed. It has a brilliant atmosphere, everyone is so friendly and full of craic and I just love the quirkiness of the rustic, industrial interior. Usually  I dye my hair a dark copper colour, which isn’t far off my natural hair colour. However this time she went for something a little different and I have to say I am in love. I love going to Sinead because she always knows what suits me best but at the same time,  knows how to shake things up a little. She gives me a style I would never have dreamed or contemplated doing. This time she suggested dark roots and a Lob (long bob). I trust her 100% so I just agreed and she got started. My roots were dyed a dark auburn and then baby foils were scattered throughout my hair in a lighter copper shade to shadow my hair. (See results below) I mean what a difference, I am in love!


When I get my hair done I always get my hair trimmed however I went for a restyle this time and my hair was cut quite short at the back and longer at the front to create a lob effect. I remember when I was in school I longed for luscious long locks therefore refused to get my hair cut so you can imagine my locks were long but certainly not luscious. When I finally took the plunge, my hair was never as healthy. Sinead had explained to me that because my hair is thin, it would only grow a certain length before it looked like shite (remember them “luscious” locks?). So I assume the nature of my hair is more suited to being short which I much prefer now. 

After Care
For a long time I didn’t use anything but then I realised how important it is to use specialised products to keep that salon fresh hair. It’s recommended you get your hair cut (and dyed depending on what you get done) every 6-8 weeks. I will admit I’m not the best at keeping to this time frame, it’s just so hard sometimes with work and socialising (you have to make time for the prosecco and cocktails, right?). I usually try to get my hair done in line with events so for example I have a wedding coming up in August. The next time I will need it done will be October for another wedding, a gala ball and a holiday so it’s trying to cover all these without looking like I have a natural obre look with my roots. Once I get my hair coloured  I use a specialised hair pigment, it is the Maria Nila, Colour Refresh in Bright Copper and is priced at £16.99. It comes in loads of different colours and is available in Sally’s online and in store. 

I put this in after my shampoo and before my conditioner. I really recommend it because it holds my colour and keeps the shine for the inbetween stages of getting my hair done. I usually try and keep it in for about 10 minutes (the longer the better) then wash it out and put my conditioner in.  Once out of the shower I towel dry my hair and apply oil. I use Josh Wood Radient Shine Hair Treatment Oil. It is a Pracachy and Kukui Oil which I get from Marks and Spencer’s and costs £12.99. However Sinead told me this morning to try Moroccan oil treatement which you can buy Here . She told me it’s one of the best so I will have to give it a go. 

You can purchase this in Blondie’s Hair Salon, Hilltown. Once all my product is in, I “blow dry” my hair, well I try my best. I part each layer, use a round brush and point the hairdryer down, to get my hair as straight and smooth as possible. It’s not as good as what Sinead does it but sure if we could all blow dry our hairs straight , our hairdressers would be out of a job so I’m happy to leave it to the professionals.  

So there you have it, a run down of my hair routine. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Ro x

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