Summer SOS..

Today I’m blogging from sunny Spain, poolside with a cocktail in hand……Ha I wish! Instead I’m lying outside, soaking every inch of sunshine, during the one week of the year we get it, here in Ireland, while trying to ignore the mountain wind that is blowing my pages everywhere, (I know your jealous) Unfortunately I have to hold out to November for my 10 day shopping spree holiday to the states but for all you lucky ducks that are heading away this summer, I have rounded up a selection of petite swimwear and beachwear to cater all your sun seeking needs.


How fab are these little beauties from ASOS. While hunting (and I mean hunting) through the internet to find petite swimwear, ASOS offered many different style and colours. I love the deep plunge, perfect to enhance the “twins”. However if your not wanting to reveal as much, the subtle v neck is the perfect neckline for a more reserved look. I also love anything backless so when I seen these I instantly feel in love, total “business in the front, party in the back” vibes.

I also thought the high waisted pant in petite was such a good idea. I have issues with a high waisted bikini pant especially on me because I have such a short torso. Usually wearing them with a bikini top makes it look like Im wearing a one piece, so really what’s the point. However now that ASOS have brought a petite high waisted pant, all our retro desiring prayers have been answered. Plus because they are black you can literally team them with any any bikini top.
New look

Hello Festival vibes, think Coachella meets Venice beach. I love love love these swimsuits. The vampy lace up detail in the black is fab and is finished with a tie back. The white is equally as gorge, with another plunging neckline, except this time with a lattice effect running down the drop. The “crochet” effect side panels are the perfect salute to summer and will also draw the eye into the middle of your torso, giving you the illusion of a smaller waist. You could easily throw a pair of denim shorts on with these and it could pass as a cool little day time outfit.


A vitt to vooo!! I loved these little sassy numbers from Boohoo. Imagine being in Ocean Beach, Ibiza with a cool vodka and lemon in hand! The vibes would certainly be good! I just love plunging necklines. Unfortunately I was practically born with boobs, so swimsuits like the pink one would mean I would be one sneeze away from a nip slip but would really suit smaller chested ladies. I usually opt for a subtle v neck as this is more flattering on me. I also thought this petite bikini was cute because there is girls out there that are just small all round, so I thought this little set was definitely worth a mention.

F&F at Tesco

Ok so although, F&F at Tesco, don’t have much of a petite range, I was pleasantly surprised they had petite swimwear. I thought these swim suits were fab if you were a little tummy conscious. The navy one with the criss cross detail accentuate your bust while again drawing your eye into the middle. The black one is very classy, with the gorge little gold necklace and keyhole, adding a subtle detail. Finally the last one is just a little fun number, again perfect for a party holiday.

So what’s the difference? 

The difference in petite swimwear and regular swimwear is that the pattern is made smaller, this means a better fit on the body. I know from personal experience that regular swimsuits just don’t fit right, imagine working all year (or gym cramming the last 6 weeks, me!) on your ultimate bikini bod, and then it being ruined with the extra lose fabric wrinkling against your toned torso. No thank you! Plus swimsuits are totally slaying summer.

Of course tho, everyone loves a bikini, and obvs now with shops selling separates, 9 times out of 10 it’s really easy to find a top that fits your boobs and bottoms to fit yoo booty.

Here’s some of my faves rn..




I have rounded up some of my fave petite beach wear pieces, perfect for a beach cover up or the warm summer nights….sigh!


And not forgetting the summer staple..denim shorts!

Topshop  Missguided

I really Hope this helps you gals. *Disclaimer* I’m not saying these are the only petite options out there but my point of this post is that there is a petite option out there for swimwear and we can all be as equally sassy as “standard” sized women!

Thanks for reading…

Ro x

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